The amount of stray animals throughout Peru is incredibly high. Stray animals suffer from brutal injuries from fights, cars and beatings from humans. Many of the animals are malnourished and have other diseases. This project focuses on helping stray animals by supporting local animals shelters by cleaning, feeding, walking and providing necessary medical services.

Volunteers will have a hands-on learning experience under the supervision of local veterinarians in local pet clinics/veterinarians. The veterinarians will teach minor medical procedures and basic skills to assist in the clinic. Volunteers will be able to observe surgeries and other medical procedures.

Volunteers will also have the opportunity to aid in the exotic animal rescue facility. The facility provides shelter to many exotic animals that have been rescued from circuses, animal trafficking, and unstable living environments. Volunteers will assist with maintenance, feeding of the animals and observation of any medical procedure.

IChange Peru also aims to raise awareness through a campaign on the importance of proper care for their animals, including sterilization and vaccinations. Many of the pet owners do not have the sufficient funds to provide for their animals, but our campaign gives the opportunity for pets to receive free vaccinations, deworming, and other services to keep their pets happy and healthy.


Trujillo, Perú


• Intermediate Level of Spanish
• Rabies Vaccine
• Scrubs