IChange Peru is a non-profit organization that empowers individuals to create a change in underserved communities throughout Peru. IChange volunteers work on diverse projects in humble grassroot environments with the common goal to create sustainable outcomes and long-term impacts. IChange strives to give its volunteers a global outlook on life through new experiences and knowledge about the world around them.

Our Vision

Helping others soar!

At IChange we believe in empowering diverse individuals from different countries to collaborate and share their knowledge, time and passion in our projects. Our projects allow individuals to immerse themselves into the beautiful culture and learn about oneself while helping others. We want to impact communities with our projects to not only provide resources, but to create hope and change for a better future.


Our Values


We are transparent, ethical, and honest within our team and communities.

Cultural Diversity

We encourage our volunteers and team to find and explore a balance between compassion, humility and respect towards diversity.


We commit to our projects and act enthusiastically and professionally to create positive interactions within our team and communities.

Our Story

For a number of years, Gabriela Rico and Karen Rico, University of Arizona graduates, have been visiting Peru and saw first hand the drastic social issues in impoverished neighborhoods of Peru. They would continue to do so until given the opportunity to gather like minded individuals to establish ICHANGE Peru and give others the chance to reach out to those in need.

Our Team

Gabriela Rico


Gabriela has worked abroad since 2010 with different organizations in Peru and Mexico to develop projects for vulnerable communities. Through her work experience and values she has committed herself to researching the disparities in the communities of Peru and implementing projects. In addition to her expertise and personal qualities, she has a passion for what she does. Gabriela graduated Cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor's in Science with a Major in Public Health.

Karen Michelle Rico


Karen has conducted many hours of clinical research in different impoverished communities including Mexico, Peru, Spain and Arizona. Karen graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Nutritional Science and with a Masters in Cellular and Molecular Medicine for the University of Arizona. She is currently a medical student at the University of Arizona College of medicine. After graduation Karen looks forward to supporting the hospitals and clinics throughout the rural areas in Peru.

Alejandra Ruiz


Alejandra has participated in diverse projects in different communities within Mexico, Honduras, Arizona, and California. The values of Justice, Equality, Dignity, and Advocacy are the different values that frame her work and the kind of person she wants to be in the field. She has joined the IChange Peru team to connect with other volunteers, team and communities members to collaboratively work towards the common goal of creating sustainable, flourishing communities. Alejandra has received her Master of Public Health with an emphasis in Community Health Education from San Jose State University and a Bachelor’s of Science of Public Health from the University of Arizona.

Crystal Lopez


Crystal graduated from the University of Arizona with her Bachelor's in Science in Public Health. She volunteered in Peru focusing on clinical, social and veterinary projects. Crystal has always had a passion in working in underserved areas and continues to fulfill her time with volunteering. She has joined the IChange team to connect volunteers sharing the same passion as her to serve underserved communities.

Justiene Noh


Justiene is currently a student at University of California Riverside majoring in Sociology. She was a volunteer for our Social Work Project in Trujillo Peru. Justiene is full of enthusiasm and big-heart for kids and continuously works to support them in their well-being. She joined our IChange team as a Campus Coordinator to connect with other people who share the same love for kids and social work to make a difference in others lives.

Joycelyn Tuomala


Joycelyn is a third year, Animal Science, Pre-Vet major at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She volunteered for our Animal Health Project in Trujillo, Peru. Joycelyn has the opportunity to apply her skill-set acquired from her volunteer experience onto her work with the local animal clinics and graduate vet school.Joycelyn is not only thankful for expanding her knowledge, but she is also grateful for the adventure and humbling moments that reminded her that the most important thing to her is helping others. As a campus coordinator, she hopes to help reach more people and educate them on the great opportunities the IChange Peru projects have to offer.